What is a COC-Paper?

"Certificate of Conformity", abbreviated to CoC, means Certificate of Conformity in German. The document relates to a specific chassis number and certifies that this vehicle corresponds to a type approved in the EU. The manufacturer thus proves that the car conforms to EU standards and has an EU type approval.

A CoC for German vehicles usually says " EC Certificate of Conformity ", in other countries the document is written in the respective national language. For example, Italian papers are called "Certificato di Conformita", French papers are entitled "Certificat de conformité".

What is certified in the CoC papers?

All technical features and data of the vehicle that describe the model and are necessary for approval are documented. For example: dimensions and weights, tire size, consumption as well as detailed CO₂ and pollutant values. The information goes beyond what is in the registration certificate part I and registration certificate part II.